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Birth Journey Facilitator / Doula

Yes, it's true... You need a village to raise your baby from infancy to parenting. This is why Vida Luna provides priceless birthing services to support your growing family.You may have heard the words Massage Doula, comadrona, midwife, partera or birth companion. Their origin is based in different cultures yet, they have one universal meaning - an experienced woman, who offers support and expertise-emotionally and physically- to you and your family throughout the transition of childbirth. In today's fast paced world many of us lack the time and family ties that women traditionally relied upon for guidance through childbirth. Vida Luna's Massage Doulas offer you information and practical options which enable you to give birth with confidence, strength, and joy.

If you feel confident and supported during labor you are more likely to attain a positive and satisfying birth experience. Controlled studies have shown that the presence of a Massage Doula decreases the occurrence of standard hospital interventions and increases effective bonding between baby, mother and family.

Vida Luna provides a Massage Doula to be present for you and your family throughout labor, birth and postpartum . The support begins with Birth Planning and Partner Preparation meetings, which are custom designed for the needs for you and your partner or coach. These meetings are designed to help you find clarity and confidence in the goals and vision of your unique birth experience. The Vida Luna Massage Doula will also accompany you to a prenatal visit to meet with your doctor or midwife and is on call for the birth.



Ask about our free Doula Services through 7th Generation Birth Services

Doula Students available at lower rates of $250-$750


There's nothing like warm water to take your pain away.  Vida Luna's Aquadoula Birthing Tubs are heated spas designed specifically for labor and/or waterbirth. The tub's roomy size comfortably accomodates you and your partner.  The tub is 4 feet in diameter and 24 inches deep with soft, padded walls and floor  to ease and support you when you need it most. The heater system and solid state thermostat maintain  a consistent water temperature with no heat loss. The use of labor & birthing tubs provide a wide range of benefits for you and your baby, such as:

  • Reduction of pain
  • Decrease in anxiety and adrenaline level
  • Water buoyancy takes the pressure off of the pelvis and uterus
  • Moist air can ease breathing and increase oxygen for you and your baby
  • Hot water may help perenium to stretch and decrease risk of tearing
  • Comfortable and effective positioning eases the descent of your baby
  • Increases oxytocin and endorphin levels,which assists your labor to progress

Vida Luna will set up Birthing Tubs at authorized birthing centers or your home.

Birth Tub Deposit   $100

Birth Tub Rental    $350