Women's Self Care Spirit Retreat

028foots womens retreat sacred herbs relax la'arni medi foot handWe had an amazing time at the Women's Self Care Spirit Retreat! I  was inspired by everyone who came to my home to share in the sacred circle. My house felt blessed by the hand massages, herbal foot baths and the herb walk in the back yard. I am inspired to create this powerful space of women more often. I was recharged and renewed.  Thanks to everyone who made this day so sweet and blessed!! Let's do it again soon!  


Trust and Manifest Your Bliss

10338840_10152968174683569_3672200222143119420_n (3)My dear friend Roseanne Sands asked me to write my story for her book Trust & Manifest Your Bliss. "About what?", I asked. "Your story about how you became a doula and massage therapist. You followed your heart!" Then I realized I followed my heart and I was guided by the divine. When  I was a little girl I spent a lot of time with my Panamanian great grandmother. I remember watching her work with yerbas,  pick through rice , cook and clean. I thought she was a fascinating woman. She was a healer and a partera (midwife). She grew up on the land and  knew about herbs and natural medicines. I remember being in the hospital with her as she was dying. Everyone was scared and crying because they didn't want her to go. She was a strong woman and the matriarch of our family. I was calm and quiet and sat by her bedside.  I remember her telling me she was ready to go with Papa Clemente.( My great grandfather who died the year before).  She was ready to go with him. I told her to go. I gave her permission, however I didn't know how important that would be later in my life. I thought it was a simple gesture and the right thing in the moment. What I didn't know is this was the beginning of MY abilities and gifts waking up.

As a child I always had imaginary friends and would often talk to spirits. Some people thought it was weird but it was normal to me. I always heard voices and felt good spirits around me. After Mama Nico died it became more apparent to me that I had special gifts. She had passed on her healing abilities to me. I was a generational link of healers in my family.

My good friend Stuart was in a bad car accident about 20 years ago. He had a severe head injury and was hanging on in the hospital by a string. My friends were visiting him regularly and his girlfriend had a baby on the way. Stuart was only 19 years old. I had many dreams about him, and one night he visited me in my sleep. He told me I had to let him go and I had to tell everyone. I cried and said," No!" You can't leave you have a long life to live." He told me he couldn't be in his body anymore. I begged him to stay . The next night I had the same dream. It was the same as the night begore but I agreed to let him go in peace. The next day he passed away. "Why me? "Stuart I asked. You are the only one who I can hear me. I was deeply affected by his death and was an important instrument for him to communicate to family members and friends.

In the beginning I rejected these gifts and did not want these responsibilities but I learned to honor and embrace them. This is a gift from God and it is an honor to do important work. To be the bridge between the living and the other side. It has helped me as a doula to talk to souls coming into the earth plane.

Thanks Roseanne for asking about my story. If you want to read more about how I became a doula. Get Roseanne Sands book, Trust & Manifest your Bliss at http://www.amazon.com/Trust-Manifest-Your-Bliss-ebook/dp/B00DI93IZY

O3 Skincare

Luna is now using ozonated jojoba, and coconut oils with her clients. These oils are very detoxifying and cleansing for the skin and body and, are available in rosemary, lavender, grapefruit and coconut rose essential oil blends. These oils are formulated by a massage therapist and also have anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial effects. They are now available for purchase at the clinic. You can find out more info about oxygen and ozone therapy at O3 skincare. "I began using the ozone- oxygenated jojoba for my own daily skin care and discovered that I could no longer go back to non-oxygenated oils. I could feel that my skin drank in the oxygen-jojoba combination and literally began to respond with nourished, glowing, healthful skin. People around me began to notice and comment positively on my skin. That of course led me to sharing oxygenated jojoba  with others and they began to expo3erience the benefits as well." - Rima Star, owner of O3 skincare

Introducing our puppy, Estrella

estrella I got a new puppy for my son and her name is Estrella (Star in spanish). She's such a delight to have in the house. We LOVE her dearly. The reason why I'm posting this is not just personal. I love massaging my 2 dogs and I have recently learned how to do lymphatic work with them also. Massage helps to boost their immune system, release stiff joints, increase circulation and more....It is important to keep our pets happy and healthy. For more info on massage for dogs click here.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

  The Lymph system is an amazing cleansing or septic system of the body. There is no heart to pump the lymph through the tiny vessels of this system, so therefore, Lymphatic drainage can assist the lymph to move efficiently through the body. Lymphatic Drainage therapy has benefits ranging from detoxification of the body, regeneration of burned, injured or wrinkled tissue, anti-aging effects, and relief of sinusitis, bronchitis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, constipation, insomnia, memory loss, and cellulite. This therapy is especially helpful for clients who have radiation or cancer treatments and, it helps speed the healing process after most post surgical procedures  Luna gently rubs, strokes, taps or pushes the skin in directions that follow the structure of the lymphatic system so that accumulated lymph fluid can drain through proper channels. Lymphatic drainage is very gentle, is not painful and has a relaxing effect. Luna will be completing Bruno Chikly's Lymphatic Drainage Level 3 this week.

For more information on Lymphatic drainage please go here.


Contraindications happen when an increase in lymph flow would be detrimental. Contraindications can either be absolute or relative. Your physician can override relative contraindications if he or she finds good reason, but the absolute contraindication cannot be overridden.

Absolute Contraindications :

  • Acute inflammation - caused by bacteria, viruses and poisons are contraindicated. Tissues will be red, hot, and painful with congestion accompanied by fever. Lymphatic drainage will push these substances into the lymph channels before the body has a chance to eliminate them. This way one can spread the toxic substances throughout the body. It is best to wait a few days until the condition is not acute and the body has had a chance to clean up the area.
  • Malignant tumours – there is a fear of spreading the cancer.
  • Thrombosis – can lead to free floating blood clots in the circulatory system.
  • Major heart problems – if the heart is not fully functioning, oedema can be lymphodynamic due to a lack of venous return. Pumping more fluid in the heart it may stress it more than the actual condition.

Relative Indications or Precautions:

  • Kidney problems – check with the physician before treating.
  • Bronchial asthma – this can stimulate the vagus nerve bringing on an attack.
  • Thyroid problems – no treatment around the throat.
  • Medications – fear of increasing the dosage by draining the interstitial spaces.
  • Chemotherapy – fear of increasing the dosage by draining the interstitial spaces.
  • First three months of pregnancy – fear of miscarriage.
  • Removed spleen – recommend shorter session first.
  • Menstruation – MLD can increase the flow.

Enjoy this video on self lymphatic drainage :



"Lymphatics are the next frontier of discovery in human diseases. Long-ignored because of their subtelty and complexity, the mysteries of our cellular 'waste disposal' system have been comprehensively deciphered by Dr. Bruno Chikly."

— Mehmet Oz, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Author of Healing from the Heart.



Welcome to my New Website and Blog!

Welcome to my New Website and Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I'm excited to let you all know I will be moving and joining my amazing colleagues at South Congress Massage. Negeen Mosley , incredible massage therapist, (and one of my students from long ago at the Star Institute) was an active force in bringing me to this wonderful urban oasis. Thanks Negeen!


We are conveniently located right between Austin Motel and the Turquoise Door II. When you are out and about South Congress you have to come by and say hi, or come in and decompress with a chair or table massage.


I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I've been having a blast adventuring in the neighborhood, hanging out in Krause Springs, traveling with my 13 year old son and eating at the best eateries in and around town. Once you get the kids back in school and come back all tanned from your epic vacation, don't forget to come in for your massage maintenance. I am looking  forward to helping my  friends and family relax and to continue to bring health and wellness in and around Austin.




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