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Trust and Manifest Your Bliss

10338840_10152968174683569_3672200222143119420_n (3)My dear friend Roseanne Sands asked me to write my story for her book Trust & Manifest Your Bliss. "About what?", I asked. "Your story about how you became a doula and massage therapist. You followed your heart!" Then I realized I followed my heart and I was guided by the divine. When  I was a little girl I spent a lot of time with my Panamanian great grandmother. I remember watching her work with yerbas,  pick through rice , cook and clean. I thought she was a fascinating woman. She was a healer and a partera (midwife). She grew up on the land and  knew about herbs and natural medicines. I remember being in the hospital with her as she was dying. Everyone was scared and crying because they didn't want her to go. She was a strong woman and the matriarch of our family. I was calm and quiet and sat by her bedside.  I remember her telling me she was ready to go with Papa Clemente.( My great grandfather who died the year before).  She was ready to go with him. I told her to go. I gave her permission, however I didn't know how important that would be later in my life. I thought it was a simple gesture and the right thing in the moment. What I didn't know is this was the beginning of MY abilities and gifts waking up.

As a child I always had imaginary friends and would often talk to spirits. Some people thought it was weird but it was normal to me. I always heard voices and felt good spirits around me. After Mama Nico died it became more apparent to me that I had special gifts. She had passed on her healing abilities to me. I was a generational link of healers in my family.

My good friend Stuart was in a bad car accident about 20 years ago. He had a severe head injury and was hanging on in the hospital by a string. My friends were visiting him regularly and his girlfriend had a baby on the way. Stuart was only 19 years old. I had many dreams about him, and one night he visited me in my sleep. He told me I had to let him go and I had to tell everyone. I cried and said," No!" You can't leave you have a long life to live." He told me he couldn't be in his body anymore. I begged him to stay . The next night I had the same dream. It was the same as the night begore but I agreed to let him go in peace. The next day he passed away. "Why me? "Stuart I asked. You are the only one who I can hear me. I was deeply affected by his death and was an important instrument for him to communicate to family members and friends.

In the beginning I rejected these gifts and did not want these responsibilities but I learned to honor and embrace them. This is a gift from God and it is an honor to do important work. To be the bridge between the living and the other side. It has helped me as a doula to talk to souls coming into the earth plane.

Thanks Roseanne for asking about my story. If you want to read more about how I became a doula. Get Roseanne Sands book, Trust & Manifest your Bliss at