I enjoyed my weekend herb class with other herb nerds from Sacred Journey School Of Herbalism at our visit to Haus Bar on the East side of Austin, TX. Haus Bar is an amazing truly sustainable urban farm who sells exclusively to restaurants in Austin. They have solar panels providing 90% of their electricity, rainwater collection and the are an Austin 5 star green home. They raise chickens, rabbits, lots of vegetables, and ducks. The donkeys are their playful lawnmowers. We had so much fun learning about edible weeds, composting and more.  

   I was inspired by Dorsey Barger and her way of running the farm truly sustainable . She uses no gas powered equipment, doesn't disturb the soil and uses all the compost made by the animals on site. She also spoke about eating her rabbits and chickens which she slaughters herself and treating the meat in a sacred way.  She and her partner are truly doing good work off the grid in East Austin. Thanks for sharing your farm with us!